Sunday, March 09, 2008

We Love You PawPaw!

Got home yesterday afternoon in time to go in & see PawPaw which would turn out to be the last time. It was difficult to see him and everyone but my heart was at peace as soon as I was able to hold his hand and talk to him for a while. It seemed like he recognized me and smiled when I took his hand so I talked about some summer plans and other things that were going on. A side story - he and my grandmother ordered a UF Basketball end table for me and my wife which had a picture of the court on the surface and they were both so excited to give it to us. At times that was all he would talk about and would show us the brochure with pictures and details. Fittingly it came in on Friday, so I brought it into the room and we all opened it together so PawPaw got to give us the table! Every time I look at it I will smile knowing that he was able to give it to us and I know it made him so happy. When it was time to go I got my last hug and kissed him on the head and he opened his eyes and smiled at me. At that exact second, we were both at peace. There was nothing more to say or that needed to be said. This was his goodbye and I am so glad I was there to get it from him.

He peacefully left us the next morning before I was able to get to the facility but we were still able to say our last goodbyes before returning to their house to finally allow the grieving process to begin. I had my camera with me so I took my mind off of some things by walking around and taking some shots of his room and office and a few things that were lying around that reminded me of him and all of the great times we had. The above picture is one of the many I took that reminds me of him the most while he was outside enjoying a cigar or away from the house he'd always be wearing his hat. The first thing I saw when I went into his room was his hat sitting on the top of a wooden box so I took a few shots. PawPaw was my inspiration in photography (and many other things), he always had his Canon A-1 with him taking pictures of us and everything else. He is the reason I enjoy it so much - just one of the many things I am thankful that he passed on to me. This will not be easy, but he is always with me & I can already feel that. 91 years old - wow! I am so lucky to have had him in my life for 25 years and I thank God for that & him.

I love you PawPaw! 6/7/1916 - 3/9/2008

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Sharon said...

91 years is a great life, and from your description it was full of love :)