Friday, March 28, 2008

They did WHAT to you!?!?

Today was the first day of my spring "break" and it consisted of taking both dogs to the vet this morning. Kohana got "fixed" but I imagine if you asked her, and she could tell you, she'd say we broke her. She has been pretty sore and slow moving most of the night but as of a few minutes ago she got up and actually brought her ball to us and started to try to play a little before getting some water and something to eat. So it looks like she is already perking up a bit. I'm sure she'll be back up and putting Otis in his place in no time.

This afternoon I got a package from my printer and opened it expecting to see a glorious gallery wrap of this photo:

Main street bridge and Modis building
But to my surprise I got this:


Not only is it not my photo, I don't even know where it is! Fortunately the company was VERY responsive to my concern and responded to my customer service email literally within a minute of me sending the email to them. Hopefully MY gallery wrap will get here next week sometime.

One consolation today was I finally got my moo card holder

and it is glorious so I can't wait to use it.

Tomorrow I will be heading out to the River Celebration at county dock so hopefully I will get a few good shots and meet a few new good flickr friends. After that I will be playing golf or fishing with an old friend who has flown into town for a few days with the Met Life Blimp - he's the pilot - no really he is! This was me in front of his primary mode of transportation last time he was in town:

Well, have you?

Hopefully I'll get to go up in it soon.

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