Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out out damned spot...

Post biopsy, pre-surgery

Post surgery

Sorry for the graphic pictures but its not that bad :-) Hopefully once I get the blogging ball rolling again I can keep it up and post more consistently at least until the bar prep starts. Now back to what the pics are all about. I have had a "spot" on the back of my left calve for quite a while. First time I saw it I thought it was a zit, then the longer it was there and didn't go away the more attention it got. Even though I knew it was there I didn't want to really do anything about it in hopes it would eventually just run its course and go away. I have been out in the sun my whole life, playing golf, fishing, and doing anything else - we're in Florida so the sun is always there. With my genetic predisposition to skin cancer I was usually sporting a thick coat of sunscreen so there were never really any issues but there was always an awareness. This type of behavior was pretty much ingrained in me so I'm always laying on the sunscreen. Unfortunately even with doing this, sometimes, things just come up. After waiting too long I decided to go to a dermatologist to have the spot looked at. He was not sure whether it was something to be concerned about or just a cyst so it was biopsy time. I had never been through anything like that so the whole experience was pretty harrowing. The only slight pain was the injection but the nurse did a great job especially with my anxiety. I thought (and hoped) that would be the end of it, but unfortunately a couple of weeks later the biopsy results were in and they weren't really sure what was going on so I was scheduled to come back in to get it cut out. I was NOT looking forward that at all and was pretty uptight about the whole thing. I didn't really know what was going on, whether I had something serious going on and I didn't like the idea of stitches and being cut on...again.

Well, today was the day and everything went fine. I was pretty nervous/anxious leading up to the appointment but once I was there it wasn't too bad. I had the same nurse and she did a great job with the injection to get me numb and after that the only real stress was waiting for the procedure to begin. I was doing fine until the end when I could hear/feel him stitching me up and I just kind of had a creeped out feeling and started to get pretty nervous again. Fortunately he finished up stitching inside and out and I was wrapped up and ready to go.

I'm still doing alright just laid up on the couch and relaxing some. I'm curious to see how I feel and if there is any soreness to come - fortunately I was prescribed some pain meds and an antibiotic and it was filled by one of the best pharmacists in the world :-) so I think I'll be just fine.

The lesson for everyone from my experience - wear sunscreen, and if something does show up don't wait too long to get it checked out, before it gets too serious. More posting soon! :-)

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