Sunday, November 02, 2008

Every Dawg has its day...

(C) Matt Pendleton

but for the University of Georgia, that day wasn't on Saturday against the Gators. Maybe a better saying for this year's game would be "What goes around comes around..."

Special thanks to up and coming photographer Matt Pendleton for allowing me to use his scoreboard photo from Saturday's game. I wasn't able to bring my gear and honestly with all of the beer splashing around I was kind of scared to. Fortunately Matt got a great shot of the scoreboard. Matt is a great friend and photographer so please take a minute to check out his work!

It is likely most of my readers know I am a proud University of Florida alum (Letterwinner 2001-2004 and graduating class of 2004) and I have been enjoying Gator football with my dad since I can remember. I was always involved with the major rivalries but did not have a chance to attend any of the Florida/Georgia games until I moved up to Jacksonville to attend law school. My first experience at the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" was in 2006 and resulted in a Gator victory. I had always heard from others how great the experience it was and kind of took it all at face value, it is hard to really take the experiences of others and equate it to the possible experience you would have. Once I had been through it I knew what all the talk was about and was immediately hooked after a great time and a great Gator victory. I also had the chance to attend in 2007 and unfortunately although the outing was fun, it resulted in a Gator loss and the infamous Georgia end zone celebration. That moment stood out to me and fortunately the team didn't forget it either.

On to this year - My former roommate at UF came up to Jacksonville on Thursday night and stayed with us Thursday & Friday to celebrate the upcoming weekend. Another friend Chris headed up on Friday night and we were ready to go. On game day we headed to the stadium around 10:30 and began tailgating. One of our friends as well as some of his associates has a tailgate in the same location each year. The set up was truly amazing and involved 3 large tents, catered food, a projector and big screen that was showing football as well as security. The tailgate is world class and makes the WLOCP experience even that much better. After about 4 hours of tailgating and pre-partying it was finally gametime. I had been waiting on this game since the end of last year's game so it was great to finally get the game underway. Our seats were great as was the result. I just wish we had a few more timeouts to remind UGA and their fans what goes around comes around...


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