Friday, December 19, 2008

Fly, Fly Away...

0812Memorial Park 017-29

Sometimes I wish I had wings and could just fly away for a bit and come back at a later time. Maybe, say, right after I find out I passed the bar? :-) Nothing horrible is going on, but the bar is looming and with the first day of my bar prep class tomorrow (which lasts from 9-4 btw ugh) I know what the next few months are going to be like. Though it isn't going to be the least bit fun it is more than necessary and hopefully it will be all over soon. Thinking back on all the fun I had at graduation with friends and family sure helps a lot though! :-)

Time to head to bed, early day tomorrow for better or worse. :-)

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Velvet said...

Good luck! It will all be over before you know it...and you will be sitting in your cabin in Alaska on vacation, remembering the bad old days of bar prep...and being very, very glad you will never have to deal with that again. :-P