Monday, January 12, 2009

The Sunday Post

081212-28-08 - St. Augustine026-62

So I am officially one week into my bar studies and I have decided to make an attempt at creating at least one blog post per week and it will usually be on Sunday or in this case very early Monday morning since Sunday will likely (hopefully) be one of the lighter study/work days during my preparation. I slept in today and I'm not feeling tired, but I did feel like one more beer before bed, so here I am and will try to bang out a post here in the next 30 or until I'm done with my beer - whichever is sooner. I find it funny with this whole bar prep thing, the prevailing advice is to take one complete day off. Unfortunately the company that is running our bar review puts things on the "paced schedule" every day, so there truly isn't a day off. Oh well, idle hands and all that mess. I honestly can't see myself taking a "full" day off during this whole thing but I will certainly take at least one day to relax more than normal while still doing some form of preparation. This whole process is really interesting to me and I wish I could write more about it, but it really is amazing how the whole process almost instantaneously changes you, physically, mentally and emotionally as you begin your preparation for this exam. It's really kind of crazy. Crazy or not I will be looking forward to February 25th at around 5:00 p.m.

Another thing you're going to have to just bear with me over the weeks is my lack of photography and "new" images posted to flickr, my site, or the blog. The above shot isn't too old, and was taken during a photo trip I took with Britt & one of my friends Brad as he made his way home after the holidays. A funny story about this shot - we were making our way through St. Augustine taking photos and we came to the Sisters of St. Joseph building which turns out to be a convent (I guess?). We were taking some photos of the building and other things when I saw this open upper level window - nicely lit with a cross above it. The image in my head really spoke to me - and although I'm still trying to work on a title for the image - it just says something like these sisters through their devotion have a window into God's heart. Something like that anyway. Well as I was framing this shot it occurred to me what I may look like. Leaning around a wall, with a long lens, and essentially aiming that lens right INTO a window. Of course I could not see in the window due to the screen and had not intent on looking in, but I immediately realized how this could be perceived in a negative light - by a nun no less. So I quietly fired a few frames and was pretty happy with the result, and as I was walking off, I hear blinds and then a window close. I was busted. I immediately felt horrible but there was really nothing more to be done and certainly no more shots to be taken at this building at least. I can only imagine what this poor nun (or nuns) thought of this Nikonheathen using his monster lens to spy on her activities. If you are out there sister, I apologize, and keep praying for me - I need it with this whole bar exam breathing down my neck. ;-)

The rest of the day was great hanging out with Britt & Brad while taking pics all day - the whole weekend was great actually - definitely just what I needed before the studying really started. The rest of the St. Augustine set can be seen here.

Next, I'd like to thank & welcome back this guy:

UF v. Miami 9-6-2008 Half 2 -686

Tim Tebow, for making the decision to return to the University of Florida for his senior season. The selfish sports/UF fan in me wants him to return for hopefully another shot at a football national championship but the former student athlete side of me who has had the opportunity to work with similar elite athletes at this level wanted Tim to come back for the right reasons.

It is not very often that such a high profile college athlete (especially in a full contact sport) makes the decision to forego the NFL draft in order to return for his team and more importantly his education. It can be argued, and rightfully so, about what kind of future he will or will not have in the NFL, but I truly believe this decision was made for the right reasons, and not the fear of a low draft spot or the need to develop more as an athlete. In foregoing the draft this year it is likely that he (regardless of draft position or contract) turned down more money than most of us will make in a career to return to a place he appears to truly love, and play a sport he truly loves for free. Of course this decision is not for everyone, especially with some financial situations and the risk of injury that these athletes face in competition but his doing this screams for all that is right in amateur & college athletics and hopefully sets a strong precedent for future athletes faced with a similar decision.

Tim's announcement warmed my heart today, and made up for some of the difficulties and heartbreak I have experienced in dealing with other athletes that were faced with similar decisions and chose to roll the dice instead of going with the sure thing - education. Thank you Tim & I look forward to you leading the team once again during the 2009 season!

Time to jump off the sports soap box (but I do like how tall it makes me feel).

Another thing that is really discouraging about this whole bar prep thing is I won't be able to keep up with some of my favorite blogs that I usually have the time to read. Since my blog won't be too much to look at over the next few months (not that it has been much to look at over the past 12 months) you should definitely check out some of my friend's blogs who will actually have a life and they take amazing pictures as well.

Please take some time to check out my newest friend, fellow photog & blogger - Velvet - who I learned about from one of my other great friends Doug. Velvet & Doug are both great people & take some really awesome photos, so be sure to check out their stuff if I tend to drag a bit in my posting.

Well that is all for now (out of beer) - hopefully I will be able to post some more (and have another beer) soon! :-)


Velvet said...

Nikonheathen! Niiice.

Thanks for the link!! That is awesome. I can't speak for that Levy character, but I will try to make sure my new blogs live up to your kind words. :-P

Good luck getting through the next several weeks. I'm glad you're at least able to make time for beer. Haha!

douglaslevyphotography said...

I'm glad your heart is warm, bc its' going to be ten degrees in Boston on Friday, so I'm glad something/someone is warm! You should come down to a spring training game in March, will let you know when/where I'm gonna be when I find out.

douglaslevyphotography said...

I'm glad you're warm! It's going to be ten degrees here Friday! Yick. You should come down to a spring training game in March. Will let you know when I know where I'm gonna be.