Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

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You know what is great about having an amazing wife? Everything! You know what is also great? Having an amazing wife that is a pharmacy manager at a grocery store! She always brings home fun stuff. This Sunday wasn't very super for me at all really. I got up early after going to bed early on a Saturday night and then studied for most of the day. Wasting a nice day on the weekend like that kills me. This past week has been the worst of bar prep yet. It seems like I am always behind and regardless of how much time I spend studying I don't feel like I know anything. Hopefully this frustration and anxiety will subside with more hard work. The self doubt I mentioned earlier on is definitely creeping in a little more and I tend to worry more about the bad things that could happen instead of worrying about being prepared. Hopefully with some rest and another productive day tomorrow this too shall pass. Either way, I am ready for this to be over but I am far from giving up on preparing or giving up on myself. Now onto the positive stuff! Even after a long day of reading and studying the day was saved when my wife came home and brought us a cake to enjoy after watching the Superbowl. The game and the cake were great and it was enough to make me smile and relieve a little bit of stress for the night. This is exactly what I needed to keep me motivated and working hard! Fortunately, regardless of what happens I will always have her to brighten my day!

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