Monday, June 15, 2009

A Dozen Roses for Mom...

A Dozen Roses for Mom - 7

A Dozen Roses for Mom - 2

A Dozen Roses for Mom - 4

Unfortunately my Mom has had a very rough weekend. On Saturday evening while we were on the phone she was heading outside to watch my Dad cook on the grill and lost her balance and fell. It was a really scary experience for me because I could hear some of what was going on but didn't know what had happened. She had to go to the hospital and spent the night there. I was honestly shocked at how long it took for her to actually get a room in the hospital (from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.). After a long night and morning I am happy to report that she is now back home and hopefully getting rest and recuperating. We had some roses around the house because of our third anniversary so I decided to take a few close up shots and upload them since taking them and posting them on the internet is much faster than having them delivered. She has always been there for me through all of my bumps, bruises, stomach problems and breaks over the years I am sad I cannot be there with her, but I am thinking about her all of the time. I am so sorry this happened at the beginning of her summer break but I know her positive attitude will help her recover in no time. Like I tried to explain to her on the phone, sometimes gravity just happens. :-) I plan on majorly upping my blogging, photo editing, and posting so mom will have some things to look at and hopefully enjoy while she is resting so keep an eye on the flickr page daily.

In other very unrelated news, if you are reading this you obviously had to sign in to view my blog. I have decided to pull my blog out of the public arena and make it invite only since I am currently pursuing a very exciting job opportunity. It is not that I am terribly outspoken or opinionated on here and its generally just about my daily experiences with and without a camera but the only opinions I want an employer to make of me are based on my resume or an interview. Hopefully I will be able to land this job and be back open to the public in no time, but until then, feel special because you are a special selected few.

Many more blog posts and photos to come.

Get well soon mom - I love you!


RowdyReptile said...

Those roses are gorgeous, and beautifully captured. Your mom will love them!

Doug said...

Hey hope your mom recovers quick - nice rose shots though!