Thursday, August 20, 2009

Returning to Sawgrass

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It's been quite a long layoff and there's really no excuse for this since I'm not working and have plenty of spare time. Anyway, my goal is to make all of this change starting right now. My new goal is to make at least a one sentence post each day. Lots going on in my life and most is just great stuff and I can't wait to post about it all soon.

Tomorrow I get to release a little stress by playing one of the best kept and most difficult courses in the state of Florida and probably the US - the TPC Sawgrass Stadium course. I had the amazing opportunity to play with my dad, a former professor, and his son in December after graduating from law school and it was an amazing experience. I knew then I wanted to make it back before leaving Jacksonville and tomorrow will be my chance. Hopefully I will have fun and play better than last time - less stress in my life and new clubs - no excuses! I will post an update on the results tomorrow.

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