Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Visit To Dogwood

Dog Park 8-30-09-255

This is usually the reaction we receive when we utter the two most important words in my dog's life (other than "hungry" and "supper"): Dog Park. While living in Jacksonville, we had the opportunity to enjoy many parts of the community and great local events that took place downtown. One place that literally involved the whole family was Dogwood Park and our "kids" loved it. Looking back we should have gone much more than we did but every time we did make it out it was such a treat. The facilities and fenced in park are top notch and have been voted one of the biggest and best private dog parks in the country - it is truly awesome and definitely one of the many things we will miss about Jacksonville.

Before we were completely moved out we made sure that we would take at least one last visit to the dog park and as always it did not disappoint. I always bring my camera to capture some unique photo opportunities as well as to just document the fun and I always end up with some fun shots. Here are a few of their last visit:

Dog Park 8-30-09-226

Dog Park 8-30-09-153

and as it turns out it seems that Otis & Ko's favorite Uncle Spunky was there too! :-)

Dog Park 8-30-09-275

Dog Park 8-30-09-508

The rest of the set can be viewed here.

We'll miss you Dogwood!

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