Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo of the day - Above & Below

3-24-09 Rainbow Falls-104-2

3-24-09 Rainbow Falls-36-2

Since I didn't hear any hearty objection (or approval for that matter) I have decided to continue on with the Smokys theme for this week. For the first full day of our trip we decided to take a hike up to Rainbow Falls. Unfortunately we thought the hike was going to be much shorter than it actually was and my hike ended with a pretty decent knee injury, but I still had an amazing time. The blog from that day of the trip is here.

One of many interesting finds during this trip was that although there was amazing beauty at our destination, there was as much or more beauty to be seen and photographed above and below us the whole way along the trail. Sometimes the simple things along the journey are just as beautiful as the destination, so enjoy it! This small lesson is something in life and in my photography that I should remember and enjoy more so I pass it on to you!

The rest of my set from that day of our trip can be viewed here.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope that you keep checking in here and on my web page. See you tomorrow!

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