Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Photo of the Day - Sliding in to that time of year:

USM v. UF Baseball - Game 2-193

Welcome back! Still no baby news! Man, this kid is definitely on his own schedule! Yesterday was a great day other than the Gator basketball loss but I won't get into that. This is a happy place. :-) I was trying to figure out what picture to post today and honestly I didn't have much lined up because I anticipated having a few posts worth of new baby pictures to share with you all. One of the keys to life is to be flexible and that rings true even in the blog world. We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so I will keep you posted on what we learn tomorrow.

On to the photo! Today's photo is from last year's super regional NCAA baseball tournament. It is that time of year again that college baseball and MLB spring training really get cranking and I'm excited. Basketball is my #1 sport so March Madness is always a huge part of my life but football and baseball are in a close tie for 2nd and I can't wait to get both college and professional baseball cranking! I look forward to shooting some college baseball and maybe even some MLB action this season but we'll see what the future holds. To see the rest of the set from the NCAA Super Regional click here.

Thanks for stopping by today and sorry I don't have any baby updates but I'll definitely have something for you tomorrow! See you then!

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