Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Fly In"

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-267

Welcome back! Hope you all had a great weekend! As always it went by too quickly. I had a lot going on - two of my friends got married on Treasure Island and the wedding and ensuing party were top notch! I managed to take a few photos but that post will be saved for another day. Also this weekend I had my first copyright infringer! Not a very positive feeling, especially considering the type of article that my photo was illegally used for, but thanks to all I have learned in law school and from the Photo Attorney I have a feeling that the situation will be taken care of swiftly. For now I will take the high road and will not give any additional details but there may be a time when I elaborate a bit more. Really reinforces those big ugly watermarks that I slap on most of my work - they may not look good but it can be your saving grace so watermark and register your work! I'll keep you posted as the situation unfolds/resolves itself!

On to the post! I may have mentioned this earlier in my Fly In post that there was also a different kind of fly in going on as the USAF Thunderbirds were flying overhead. As the formation flew past I looked up to see "Blue", the neighborhood's "pet" Great Blue Herron flying right at me. I managed to adjust and focus quick enough to get a few good shots.

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-261

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-265

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-268

The lake that Clipper and Terri live on is full of great bird life and I will definitely be bringing the camera along every time we stop by for a visit. It was a real treat! Here are a few other shots of the action on the lake that day:

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-126

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-128

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-129

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-166

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-172

If you'd like to see the rest of the shots from the set click here.

Finally before I wrap up today I want to bring your attention to the right side of my blog as I have a new widget that I am really excited about. Just under the "About Me" area there is a subscribe section. In the future, there may be a day or two that I won't have time to make a post on time. So instead of all of my loyal readers checking in and being let down if there is no new content, you can get an email from me every time I add new content to the blog! I won't email you for any other reason so don't be hesitant to sign up, and if you do sign up and the new content emails are annoying or you just don't want them feel free to unsubscribe. I think this will be a great way for you all to keep up with my content updates and a great way for me to keep up with all of my followers so please sign up!

Thanks for checking in today and be sure to check back in, but most importantly, subscribe and you'll get some email next time I update! See you all soon!

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