Friday, May 07, 2010

The Players Championship - Round 1

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-125

Wow what a day! Not a ton of time to post. Got into Jacksonville later last night and it definitely feels good to be back in my "home" while I was in law school. It also feels good because it's time again for the Players Championship and I once again have the amazing opportunity to help out The Florida Times-Union. I'm honored and lucky that they continue to think of me this time of the year! This will be my third Players and it's just as exciting as walking into the media room for the very first time!

It's midnight and I have just now finished uploading and looking through my shots for the first time. I wanted to sift through and edit a few to post and show off on the blog. I am going to ATTEMPT to do this for the next three rounds but that will depend on how much time I have and how late I am at the course each day. Worked the front nine all day and didn't even see #17. Sometimes I have more fun doing it that way as I know I'll see my share of 17 when the weekend rolls around. Day 1 is definitely about getting shots of everyone doing well and it's definitely the most difficult because the field is spread out everywhere so it is tough to get everyone. After lunch I was with Tiger Woods' group for almost the full front 9. It can get really difficult dealing with the crowds and still manage to do your job. Here are a few more shots from Round 1:

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-142

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-208

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-63

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-11

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-58

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-234

Well that is all for now. Sorry for the crappy watermark but I'm not working off of my own laptop and this is better than nothing! Thanks for stopping by. Time for some much needed rest!

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