Sunday, December 25, 2011


2011-11-27 - Christmas Card-69-3

Merry Christmas everyone! I truly hope that your day was as fun filled and busy as ours was. We are so lucky to have such amazing family and friends to enjoy Christmas with. Thank you to everyone who played a part in making our day so special!

2011-11-27 - Christmas Card-58-3

2011-11-27 - Christmas Card-39-3

Looking forward to more time with family and friends as we prepare to start the new year running. It is my sincere goal and hope that I am able to post and share more of my work with you in 2012. I plan on updating and changing the look of my blog and webpage and also plan to update the blog much more often. This is NOT a New Year's resolution as it is one I plan to keep. God bless you all during this holiday season!

2011-11-27 - Christmas Card-13-3

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