Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Partied too hard

Partied too hard, originally uploaded by tbd7182.

I was looking through all of my photos on flickr to find one of my better shots with my D80, but the more and more I looked and thought, I think this is the only fitting picture to start off so some of the new hi-res 10mp shots are just going to have to wait until a later entry.

This is the most recent of numerous attempts to try to have (and keep up with) a blog. There's no reason why this attempt will be any more. Hopefully with my increased amount of taking photos to learn and improve with the ability to blog some of them that will help me keep up with the blog. I imagine once the fall semester starts it may become more difficult but I can still hold onto some hope. Time will tell.

So far this summer has gone pretty well. Last semester went alright but it just didn't seem like I could find a great interest in any class and felt like I was almost wasting time sitting in class. Elder law especially, which is kind of unfortunate to me since that is one of the top 3 types of law I am interested in practicing. I do know however that I won't let that course ruin that area for me. My grades were alright, and seem even better considering this was the first semester I have worked and taken a full load of classes.

We took a great 7 day western carribean cruise - some of the pictures can be found on the photostream. I had a great first anniversary (a full weekend of stuff) with my amazing wife. Then I dropped the 2 classes that I was registered for the day before classes started and I am really happy about that decision. All I am doing so far this summer is working and just relaxing and taking pics. It has been great. Hopefully I can post and blog more but that is all for now.

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