Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nanaw & PawPaw - 60 years of marriage and counting!

The above picture carries a lot of meaning for me. I did not take it very recently but I think now is a fitting time to post and talk about it just a bit. My grandparents have been an amazing part of my life and I am so thankful for all of the time I have had to spend with them and learn from them. They have been married over 60 years! The picture of them holding hands is perfect and really says a lot about their relationship and how special it has been over the years. Recently my 91 year old grandfather has been in the hospital and is now in a rehabilitation facility to try to help him get back up to speed. I have been pretty distracted thinking and worrying about him for the past few days and it isn't easy being 3 hours away. Hopefully he will gain strength and be able to go home soon - he's 91 and amazing and I know my grandmother and family will take good care of him. I can't wait to go visit him soon!

In other, maybe a little happier news, last night I had a chance to speak with Bill Frakes who was shooting the UF vs. UT basketball game and is an amazing sports photographer. He works for Sports Illustrated and a few other organizations and his Kentucky Derby work is amazing! He had gear EVERYWHERE at the game! While I worked for the team he was assigned to follow our team around during a tournament so he would talk to us and tell us some great stories of his experiences while shooting. Those stories and knowing him are even more significant to me now that I am so into photography! It was really cool to to see him again and talk to him a bit while he packed up. He literally had remote cameras, assistants, and everything in between strewn all over the place. His gear is probably worth more than my car and a few other things of value put together, so it was very impressive to see. Talking to him and seeing him work made up for the rough ending to the game, but it has been a good season and hopefully the team will find success in some type of post season play. Only time will tell!


Sharon said...

That is a beautiful and very poignant picture :) I hope your Grandpa recovers quickly.

B.L.Atkins said...

Strong photo of Grandpa and Grandma. I hope grandpa goes home soon.
Bill Frakes is awesome huh? I saw his photo of a gymnist on the high bar. Very impressive.
Great read so far on the blog. Keep it up.