Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dog Park 4-13-08-45

Another great weekend! Unfortunately I'm afraid these are going to become less frequent until after finals are done :-( Saturday Britt & I traveled to Gainesville for the Orange and Blue spring game. I had the unique opportunity to fill in for a spotter for the football stat crew. Talk about an experience! When I arrived there was a full catered breakfast in the media area. After that I found my seat and they even had a name plate for me! Talk about great treatment for someone filling in. I was pumped! It is definitely different than basketball. First of all I was in the 3rd floor press box quite a ways from the action and we used headsets that are connected to 4 people who can all listen and talk. I was using binoculars to see the spot of the ball and was responsible for calling all of the offensive plays, then someone else would call the defensive play, I would then call the spot of the ball, someone else would call the total yardage and then all of the stats would go over the PA system. Repeat this for every play run. Lots of pressure and a pretty intense environment for about 2.5 hours but definitely worth it and quite a rush! I had a great time and it was a lot of fun calling the game and I think I did a pretty good job, so hopefully if they need anyone to fill in for any more games I'll be their guy! ;-) Post game it was time to relax - God knows I needed it after fighting my way through the game. We met up with Mike, Liz and Tom and ended up at our old stomping grounds - The Grog House. I am happy to report that they have made no efforts to clean the place up, and its probably been that way since the last time I was there about 4 years ago! Had a few pitchers and re-lived the game prior to heading out to Las Margaritas for dinner. Had a great dinner and it was time to head back to Jacksonville. What a great Saturday.

Got up Sunday morning and headed out to the Dog Park to meet up with a Flickr buddy Ryan to take some pics and to give the dogs a run. We enjoyed some great weather and had a great time watching the kids run and play and I got a few pictures as well check out the full set here!

Also - if you are a flickr contact of mine - I now have a GPS receiver attached to my D300 so every photo I take is tagged with the exact coordinates when I take the shot. If you want to see how it works, view one of my photos and to the right under "additional information" click on "map" and it will show you exactly where I took the photo - its a lot of fun so check it out!

Thats all for now, time to go to bed and get ready for another (hopefully) productive week. Big announcement tomorrow so check back in!

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Sharon said...

How cool is that! Sounds like a truly great weekend. And I WILL get my dog over there one of these days :)