Monday, April 14, 2008

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The "big" announcement for today is that in exactly one month on the morning of May 14 a friend and I will embark on a drive from Jacksonville, FL to Seattle WA! Another friend of ours recently got a job in Seattle but had to start work before he could drive out. When I heard this I told him if he could wait until the summer I would bring it to him half joking and half hoping to be taken up on my offer due to a sense of adventure - the more we talked the more it seemed like we could make it work. I recruited one of my best friends Greg to accompany me on the trip and his summer plans were about as locked down as mine and before I knew it I had a partner in crime! After some discussion and initial planning we have purchased plane tickets (one home from Seattle for me and one to Jacksonville for Greg)and a tentative route has been planned and is as follows:

Day 1: Jacksonville to Atlanta for lunch with friends and stopping for the day in Memphis

Day 2: Memphis to north Texas - probably the Amarillo area

Day 3: Amarillo to Denver to meet up with one of our friends and maybe bring them along for the rest of the journey.

Day 4: Denver to Moab Utah to visit some parks and spend the night

Day 5: Moab Utah to Jackson Wyoming to visit the Tetons

Day 6: Tetons to Yellowstone and drive in possibly camp

Day 7: Yellowstone to Seattle or Yellowstone to somewhere in central Montana - still to be decided.

I am VERY excited to have the chance to do this and it is really giving me something to look forward to and a reason to push through this semester. I can't wait to drive, ride, take pictures and have an amazing cross country adventure. Without a doubt there will be more posts regarding this and the planning process in the coming days. If you have ever done this or have any suggestions on the route I'd love to hear them!

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