Friday, May 02, 2008

Just a quick update but sadly I'm still busy finishing papers and getting ready for finals. Tuesday was the last day of classes and Florida Coastal held a celebration to honor the graduates from May and December 2008. Unfortunately I had class most of the day so missed a lot of the party. At 5 I went down and had a chance to use my drink tickets prior to heading to my 5:30 class - needless to say, most of the class was "Basking in the Glow" so it made for a good class. Once class was over I decided to head back down and see who was winning the drawings that were taking place for a bunch of cool stuff and money. The party ended in 15 minutes so I did not plan on staying too long but figured I'd stop in. As I got there I ran into my former Intellectual Property professor (one of my favorite classes - seriously) and we began to talk and she asked if I had won anything yet. I said no and literally at that second I heard my name over the speaker. All of my fellow classmates who knew me cheered for me - I had won! But I had no idea what exactly I won. As I was heading to the stage I saw one of my friends and asked him - "what did I win" and I was surprised when his response was "$500!" Wow! Saying I was surprised is an understatement! I never win things like this, and now I'm a Fivehundredaire! :-)

Today we got to go see one of my first prints hanging in one of my former professor's office. Professor Weisman is a clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Corrigan and she was my Lawyering Process 1 professor (legal writing and more!). When we started up the FCSL newspaper "The Rainmaker" I opened up and agreed to be the Photo Editor of the paper. After our first issue was printed Professor Weisman noticed I was the Photo Editor and sent a very nice email regarding some of the photos and the paper. I responded and included some links to my other work. She found the shot above on one of my pages and said she had the perfect empty wall space for it in her office. After a few months we finally got it done and it is now matted, framed and hanging on the 11th floor of the U.S. Courthouse in Jacksonville! She was kind enough to invite me to come see it in her office and I finally had some time to make it out that way this morning. I brought Britt along because it is always cool to go to a Federal courthouse and see things that a lot of people don't normally get to see. Once we got into the office the picture looked great! She really did have just the right spot for it and the matting and framing looked amazing. Being the overexcited amateur I am, I brought my camera along and got a picture with her, and my photo. As we were talking Judge Corrigan made his way into the office and we chatted for a bit - he was very complimentary of my work and its always a cool (and rare) experience to converse with a federal judge. He brought us into his office to show us the amazing view he has of downtown Jacksonville where you can see at least 3 of the 7 bridges of Jacksonville from the 11th floor. He mentioned I should come up at night and get some shots so I may just have to take him up on that once I get done with these pesky finals! :-) All in all it was very nice to catch up with one of my favorite professors from my very first semester of law school, and to actually see some of my work displayed. What a COOL experience!

After that we headed to lunch at a place we had been near downtown and wanted to try again - 9th & Main - what a mistake. We ordered at 1:00 p.m. and were way too patient. At 1:45 p.m. someone finally notified us that there was some type of gas leak and difficulty in cooking our food. The waitress again came out and offered for us to change our order to something different, but the things offered were exactly what we had ordered 45 minutes ago. The last straw was when customers who arrived after us were being served the exact things we ordered. Offered to pay for our drinks - the waitress initially went to ring us up which was ridiculous - for an hour of my time the least you can do is give me a diet coke - and eventually just told us we were good to go. It's a cool place but I doubt we'll ever go back.

Finally we got the word that our jerseys were ready. My father in law offered to get the jerseys of UF's 5 starters framed. These guys were the reason UF won 2 consecutive national championships. I bought the jerseys and a close friend had them signed for us since I am no longer in Gainesville. After a few months of waiting, we got the 95"x35" masterpiece back and hung it at home - it is AWESOME - thanks Clipper!

The Champs

Thats all for now and likely until I'm done with finals - hopefully I can get some work done tomorrow! :-)


The Vital Muse said...

Not a bad day at all, Tim. Nice to see your photo hanging in the prof's office -- and the hoops jerseys aren't too bad either (take that from a Buckeye!). Good luck with the finals -- looks like you've got the world by the tail!


Sharon said...

Wow, so cool to see your photo hanging up :) Beautiful display of those Gator jerseys, too! You better take that judge up on his offer, I bet those would be some amazing shots.