Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo of the Day: Laurel Falls

3-25-09 - Laurel Falls-14

During the second half of day 3 of my post bar trip we decided to head out on another hike, this time to Laurel Falls. After slipping and busting my ass on the first waterfall we hiked to, I honestly just couldn't get enough of the things! ;-)

This hike was much more vertical challenge than a distance challenge but the weather had cleared some so we weren't facing much rain but still had to deal with some wind during the hike. The views looking off of the sheer cliffs down into the valleys was amazing. Once we arrived to the falls we were greeted by the beautiful scene above.

On our way down from the falls we noticed a small and steep trail that led down into a ravine just under the falls. We were feeling adventurous and I had already fallen once so what does it matter if I do it again at this point, so we headed down, camera equipment and all. I am really glad we did because there were plenty more photo opportunities for us like the one below:

3-25-09 - Laurel Falls-23

After a few shots the rain had returned so it was time for us to climb out of the ravine and hike back down. WE were soggy and tired when we made it back to the car but it was all worth it and made for another amazing day in the Smokys!

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