Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo of the Day - Cade's Cove

09033-27-09 - Cade's Cove041-293

A must stop place if you are ever in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is Cade's Cove. Be sure to get there very early in the morning or very close to sunset for the best lighting and of course the best wildlife viewing opportunities. The beautiful scenery and the wildlife are really amazing! You can either do an "auto tour" or get out of your car and hike around all over the area. We did a little bit of both and got our fill of scenery, wild turkeys, deer, wolves, and even a mother bear with her two cubs.

One very cool experience was when we noticed a large group of deer standing together as still as they could be almost pointing in the other direction. A key to being a wildlife watcher or photographer (which is really pretty obvious) is to not always look at them, but see what has their attention and you may be rewarded. I know these photos aren't the best and honestly they were taken from at least a mile away with my 300 mm lens plus a 1.4x teleconverter but they are worth sharing. Here is the shot of the deer:

09033-27-09 - Cade's Cove041-257

and finally after some scanning I found one of the members of the gray wolf pack running through a clearing that had their complete and undivided attention:

09033-27-09 - Cade's Cove041-239

Again these two shots aren't the clearest and by no means quality wildlife photography but it does go to show what kind of amazing wildlife viewing opportunities there are in Cade's Cove. What a great day! The rest of the set (including shots of the mother bear and cubs) are here.

Thanks for stopping by for another week of photo of the day and have a great weekend! Be sure to stop back in on Monday!

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