Friday, October 09, 2009

Photo of the Day - Mustang Timmy:

Mustang light-7

As promised on the facebook fan page, this shot is some of my (until now) unpublished work. This happens due to a combination of being busy, laziness, and other factors that I won't mention but mostly business and laziness. Anyway, here is the shot. I have had (and enjoyed) my 1999 Mustang GT since my senior year in school. Knock on wood, this car has taken care of me and has been reliable while also being a blast to drive. Even if I get a new car in the future, I will definitely keep the 'stang to cruise around in and hopefully one day it will be one of the "classics." I see a lot of cars out there that I like, but I LOVE my Mustang.

This shot was taken in the garage of our rental house in Jacksonville. Sometimes the source of your next best shot can be right under your nose. When I went into the garage during the late afternoon the setting sun was casting light through some blinds on the garage window. I noticed this light pattern a few times but finally made myself just shoot it. The set up was tough - using a tripod, macro lens, and taking a long exposure in a cramped Mustang GT added a little more of a challenge but I was finally able to pull it off.

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