Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo of the Day - Three Zero Six:


Welcome back to the photo of the day! As you may or may not know, I am currently posting a series of photos from a cross country road trip I took with a best friend during the summer of 2008. Hopefully this series will keep you around because I assure you there are plenty of exciting photos and memories from this trip that I plan to share. So stay tuned!

After we survived Beale Street during the night of our first leg we made it back to the hotel and discussed a few things while I uploaded some of my photos from the day. One of the things mentioned was that Memphis was very significant historically (in a bad way unfortunately) because it is known as the city where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. We discussed the event and what learning about it in school meant to both of us and then researched whether it would be feasible to make a short stop at the Lorraine Motel prior to heading on the next leg of our journey to Amarillo, TX. It was finally decided that we would get up a bit earlier in order to make a short visit and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did.

The next morning was an early one but we were ready to get the hell out of that hotel as fast as we could anyway (see my original day 2 blog post linked below). When we arrived we immediately noticed how gloomy the weather had become and also that no one else was there. As it turns out by mistake, we arrived prior to the museum opening but this actually worked out for the timing of our day anyway. This also allowed for us to walk around and take everything in without the interference from any other visitors which I think we both enjoyed.

After walking around for a while and taking a few photos it was time to head on our way. We both agreed it was an amazing and worthwhile experience to visit this historical site. It really enforced to both of us how unbelievably sad and unfortunate to lose such an amazing civil rights activist when our country needed him the most.

The above photo is one of my favorites from walking around that day. The door and room number remind us of a bleak day in our Nation's history while the new wreath shows that we still remember that day and the man we lost. The curtains in the window show how many of our citizens (then and now) shield their eyes or their beliefs from what is truly right and even more people who tend to hide behind the curtain when it is most important to walk out the door and help those truly in need. I think the whole scene can still serve to remind us all of how far this country has come in our Nation's short life while also reminding us how far we still must go.

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