Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photo of the Day - Landing:


After yesterday's post from my last downtown Jacksonville shoot I started to look through the set again and found some other shots that I really enjoyed so I figured I would post another one for today's photo of the day. This shot is definitely NOT a selective color shot and pretty much covers the spectrum. Again I was going for something a little different on a commonly photographed part of the downtown Jacksonville "skyline" so I went with a little different composition. I also left the shutter open a little bit longer than I normally do so that it would be almost over exposed in a few areas to make the highlights really bright. Again, not conventional but sometimes conventional just doesn't do the trick. Another great thing with the long exposure and the bright lights is how smooth and colorful it made the river. I'm also digging this shot because of the giant Christmas tree in the middle of The Landing since Christmas is literally right around the corner. The colors in the tree and the reflection are pretty cool. Anyway, just my take :-)

On a side note if you ever want to see some of the other photos used in the photo of the day project I have created a Flickr Set with all of the photos I've used so check it out! Thanks for checking out Thursday's edition of the photo of the day and please stop by again tomorrow for Friday's photo of the day.

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