Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day - Black & Blue

0812Downtown Jax025-12

Can't believe I missed the post yesterday! I had something really cool and interesting planned to shoot but it turned out to be much more of a challenge than I had hoped and I wasn't pleased with any of the results. By the time I made the decision I wouldn't be using a new shot for the post it was time for bed. I considered posting earlier today and then again tonight but just didn't have enough time. Anyway, since my night shot didn't work out for yesterday's post I figured I would post one of my favorite night shots that actually did come out how I wanted it to. :-)

I took this shot of the main street bridge in downtown Jacksonville almost a year ago and after a little work pulling out all of the colors other than blue I ended up with this. I'm usually not a fan of obviously photoshopped images but if it is done right and not over used selective color can really be interesting. I tend to use this more on subjects or landmarks that have been photographed a lot and need a new interpretation to make the photo stand out and be interesting to the viewer. I think it works for this shot and hope you do too! :-)

More to come tomorrow and I will make sure to find time for Thursday's edition of the photo of the day! See you tomorrow!

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Susan Williamson said...

Makes me homesick for Jacksonville!!