Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo of the Day - Camellia Friday:

2010-01-15 - Camellia-3-5.

My mom grows the best Camellias around! Today was a great day. Survived day 2 of being in the office alone while dad was at a conference and managed to work in a photo shoot at the end of the day. Can't get much better.

Mom has quite a few Camellia bushes in her front and back yard and has done an exceptional job of keeping them alive and producing beautiful flowers. Some have been there the whole time and others are transplants from friends and neighbors yards but all have produced some beautiful Camellias over the years.

Just before the freeze she clipped a few flowers from some of the bushes and placed them on our breezeway in some small vases with water. This was brilliant and I didn't even think about it but the cold weather acted as a refrigerator and kept the cut flowers fresh for much longer than they normally last. There were two flowers in particular that had a very pronounced purple color at the edge of the petals which is pretty rare for Camellias so I made a note to get over and get some shots of these beautiful flowers. As a photographer it is so great to have a mom that is constantly working to find and create beautiful subjects to shoot. I'm truly blessed. It is also a blast to come over to the house and shoot while spending some quality time with mom.

The above shot is one of the many I took this afternoon of one of the most interesting Camellias I have ever seen and I only have mom to thank. Unfortunately I was not able to edit all of the shots from this afternoon so this is just a preview of the gallery I plan to upload before Monday's photo of the day so please stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend. Be sure to check in Monday for the full Camellia gallery and Monday's edition of the photo of the day! See you then!

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