Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo of the Day - The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Happy Thursday night - Friday is right around the corner! Pretty busy work day again today and Dad was out of the office at a conference so I had to hold down the fort on my own. Got a lot done but still managed to get a hair cut and have a nice visit with my grandmother before the end of the day.

I did something different with today's photo since I really didn't know where I was headed with today's post I figured I would leave it to chance. Since the date is 1/14 I went into my most popular photos on Flickr and picked my 114th most popular shot and there we have it. This could have ended with you looking at a shot of the inside of my camera bag and me trying to explain it. Sometimes it's amazing which photos are considered "popular" by Flickr's standards. Fortunately we ended up with something a little bit better than a "what's in the bag" shot.

The above photo was taken last year at the Player's Championship while I was working as an assistant for the Florida Times-Union. It is kind of fitting that this shot was the one that a random draw chose for us all today since the PGA Tour season officially started last week. I love golf and love watching the final rounds of all of the Tour events. This shot is of Phil Mickelson hitting his tee shot on the infamous #17 at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. As far as typical sports photos go this is almost the exact opposite of what most people look for in a sports shot. Most of the time sports shots are supposed to be tight on the subject at peak action and a clean background. Like I said, this shot doesn't meet any of those standards but I like it and it does something else that is essential to sports photography - it tells a story about the event. There's a TON going on in this shot so much so that it's almost distracting to the viewer but it's fitting for the event that is The Players Championship and the event that is every golfer's tee shot on #17. #17 truly is a distraction in itself so I think it works with the massive crowd, the marshals keeping the crowd back, the jumbotron, and Phil Mickelson teeing off it really tells the story.

So there you have it, a different take on sports photography for today. Thanks for giving it a try and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Friday's photo of the day!

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