Thursday, January 07, 2010

Photo of the Day - End of a Season:

Photo by: Tim Casey

Today was a crazy day at work filled with client meetings and research but it felt good to get so much done! Now I'm sitting here watching the BCS Championship and it appears that the SEC will take the national football title for the fourth year in a row - pretty impressive! It is kind of sad to think about however and truly believe that if UF would have played with the motivation that they played with in the Sugar Bowl there was a legitimate chance that I would be in Pasadena shooting in the Rose Bowl. I'm not saying that UF would have definitely won the SEC Championship but it would have been a true game.

The above photo was taken by Gator Country photographer Tim Casey at the SEC Championship this year. Tim is one of the best sports photographers around and I learn something new from him every time I have the chance to shoot with him. I had the chance to ride with him to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans last week and it was a blast! He is a big part of how far I have come shooting sports and one of the many people that I owe many thanks.

I figured I would post a shot of me shooting since tonight is the last night of the college football season. Based on my expression I'm concentrating on what is going on downfield and possibly not too pleased with what was happening on the field at the time. I am definitely sad that this season is coming to a close but I am happy that I was blessed with such an amazing opportunity to shoot the full season and 2 post season games. I had a blast shooting and learning a ton along the way. I can't wait to do it all over again next season!

Thanks for checking in today and be sure to stop by again tomorrow for the Friday edition of the photo of the day!

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Sandy said...

Looks like you're really concentrating....but also quite frustrated at the goings on. ;-)

Ugh, that must've been a tough one to watch in person. I don't know what happened to the Gator. Alabama came to win that's for sure ~ UF seemed so unprepared. I think the Dunlap situation really hindered them ~ not so much that he didn't play but having to switch things up so much so close to game time.

Happy for Alabama (and the SEC) too but I must admit, it was hard to watch ~ my heart ached for the Gators not to be there. Poor McCoy - he's a class act too.