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2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-1.jpg

This post has been a long time coming. Well, not that long really, just about 34 days to be exact but even though it is late it is definitely something I need to devote a post to. On December 1st I had the opportunity to shoot the first ever college basketball game at the new Amway Center. I was pumped to be shooting the game but getting to check out the new arena was also a very exciting prospect for me. The arena was beautiful. The fan areas, display boards, and seating were all spectacular and employed all of the newest technology. If you live in central Florida or are in Orlando visiting you have to go check it out. You will not be disappointed.

I was a bit disappointed in the lack of professionalism of some of my fellow "photographers" during the game. I am not a full time professional so I guess I shouldn't complain too much and I don't plan to give any details but there were a few instances when I just had to shake my head.

Moving on.

The only other disappointing thing about the whole experience was the fact that my team and the team I was shooting for ended up losing a close game to the University of Central Florida Knights. I couldn't be that upset though because one of UF's former assistant coaches is now in his first year as the head coach at UCF. I had the opportunity to work as a manager under Coach Jones while I was in school at UF and he was a great coach, mentor, and most importantly a great person. Although UF lost I was very happy for Coach Jones and they are having a great season so far. Good luck to both teams as they head into conference play in a couple of weeks.

Here are a few of my photos from the game:

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-84.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-107.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-109.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-134.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-579.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-241.jpg

I even had the chance to sneak into the stands and get a family portrait before heading back down for to shoot the 2nd half.

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-293.jpg

back to the game shots...
2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-312.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-360.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-371.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-379.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-408.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-409.jpg

2010-12-01 - UF v. UCF-549.jpg

Click here to see the rest of my photoset from teh UF v. UCF basketball game.

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