Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo of the Day - Canadian Lighthouse


Had a great weekend but as usual it was too short. One thing that was nice about this weekend was that I didn't have any big plans at all so I just went with the flow and for the most part relaxed. One of the things I did this weekend was work on some questions for another upcoming guest blogger while also making contact with some possible future guest bloggers. It's really exciting to know that it was interesting and more photographers and others are interested in contributing. I also made time to re-read Thursday's guest blog entry and if you missed it be sure to click here and check it out!

The big news from last night is USA Hockey's victory over the home team Canada last night! What a game! Watching these elite athletes on this stage is really what the Olympics is all about. As I mentioned a few posts ago I love Vancouver and we had the chance to leave from Vancouver on our northbound cruise to Anchorage. I have yet to share many of the photos from that unbelievable trip here so I figured I would do so during the Olympics to show how amazing that area of the world truly is. The above photo was taken from the top deck of our ship as we traveled out of Vancouver on our way north to our first stop in Alaska. I loved the small lighthouses and other scenery that was there for us every day as we cruised north. Even in the cold it was hard to go inside with the constant beautiful views.

In one final bit of news, our son, Riley is due ONE WEEK from TODAY! Wow. That's crazy to type but I know we are as ready as we can be which in reality, isn't that ready. Either way we are excited and cannot wait to welcome him into the world. Hopefully sooner than later! Thanks for stopping by today. We have a big week in store here and I hope you stick around. Have a great day and hope to see you tomorrow!

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