Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo of the Day - Father Daughter Dance:

TPC Round 4-114

Welcome back! Like I said in yesterday's post I am sorry that I wasn't able to post a photo of the day for Thursday but it was a full day and when I got home I had the chance to talk to and work with our first guest blogger. We are really close to finishing up the first real guest blog entry and after reading it all I can say is WOW! Totally impressed and I am so pumped up to share it with the rest of the world! Be ready because next week that's exactly what is going to happen.

The above photo is one of my all time favorites from the professional golf events I have had the opportunity to shoot. When you assist other photographers in this kind of setting your focus for the majority of the time must be on assisting the photographer you are working with and your shots are way down the priority list. Towards the end of the tournament last year that focus completely changed when the tournament was coming to an end. There were assigned positions on the 18th hole which restricted the number of photographers allowed in each area and the angles of the shots that we were able to get so it was key to get the best shot from each angle to bring back to the media room. Unfortunately we didn't have enough people working the event to have a photographer at each location so after some strategy it was determined that I would be manning one of the spots near the green to try to get the best shot possible.

Wow - my first sports assignment when I least expected it and when I was the most fatigued after walking mile after mile for the first 3.75 rounds in the summer heat and now I was going to have to gather it all up and find a way to make it happen. I was also pretty fired up that day because there was a stock of loaner equipment that the Times-Union was given for this event and there just so happened to be an extra D3 lying around. Once everyone had headed out it was still there and one of our editors offered it to me. I tried to act casual and paused a bit before answering with a resounding "OH YES!" So this is one of my favorite shots since I had the opportunity to use some amazing and very expensive gear that is not my own.

As the champion Henrik Stenson's group made it down the fairway I was in my assigned area ready to go with some amazing sports photographers from all over the country. After he had finished his round and began to celebrate his daughter ran out to him and that amazing moment happened while they were celebrating such a special moment. Her hair was lit up by the setting sun and their expressions say it all about a father and his child's relationship. Definitely one of my favorites and one that I think back to and smile about often. I'm lucky enough to work with my dad and see him every day and we often have these kind of moments but I'm just a bit too heavy to pick up these days :-)

Thanks for stopping by on your Friday morning for this edition of the photo of the day. Like I said big things are happening and our first real guest blogger and one of my great friends Doug Levy will be stopping by for his interview next week! Stay tuned and have a GREAT weekend! If you are around tomorrow and want to stop by there may even be a special Saturday edition of the photo of the day. Happy Friday!

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