Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A true Starr:

2010-02-20 - Dog Show-26

Welcome back! Today's post is about an event that happened B.C. (as my mom likes to say "before child"). Now that time isn't as available to edit and make posts this is really one of the first times I have had a chance to make this post. It's timeliness (or lack thereof) is definitely not indicative of how much fun we all had so sorry for the late post Bette - we had a blast!

On Saturday February 20th I got to watch and shoot something that I have always wanted to - a dog show! I am a huge dog lover so it was great to go out with my parents and Britt to see all of the beautiful dogs and the action. One of our new friends in Lakeland and one of Britt's co-workers shows German Shepherds. They are so beautiful, sweet, and well trained. Bette's dog Ringo was the Starr of the show this Saturday. As I said earlier, Ringo is a great dog and is so well trained that he brought home his first title at this show and it was really exciting to be a small part of it.

2010-02-20 - Dog Show-4

2010-02-20 - Dog Show-23

2010-02-20 - Dog Show-62

2010-02-20 - Dog Show-87

Congrats Ringo & Bette and thanks for having us out for a great Saturday! Hope we can make it out again sometime soon!

If you'd like to see a few more shots from our day at the show click here.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a great Wednesday - we're halfway there! Hope to see you back here again tomorrow!

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Bette said...

Tim, Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of Ringo and me. We loved having you guys there to cheer us on. Ringo is very proud to be the Starr of your blog:-))