Thursday, March 11, 2010

Whew! Life is moving faster than it was before Saturday that is for sure! Sorry I haven't made a post yet or posted many more pictures but I'm doing as much as I can to be the best dad and husband I can right now and sometimes that doesn't involve editing pictures or writing blog posts. So far things have been great! We are adjusting to the home routine and for the most part we are still well rested and not terribly stressed. We are blessed in so many ways!

I promise I am currently working on the blog post documenting the big day and it will be chock full of pictures. For now here are a couple of iphone pictures I've taken over the past few days that will hopefully tide you over for now. Next week will be a big one and I assure you that there will be plenty of posts and our second guest blogger. I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by and I'll be posting

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