Tuesday, April 13, 2010


2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-170

Wow Monday was a rough one! Sorry I couldn't get a post out in time but it was just one of those days. The good news is I'm back today and I was in an editing mood tonight so I managed to get through some of the backlog of photos I have. This Saturday I headed up to Gainesville with Dad and shot the Florida Football Orange & Blue game. I have really missed shooting sports over the past few months and it was great to make it back on the field with some old friends. I almost forgot how challenging and strenuous it can be but it only took a few minutes out in the sun trying to shoot the game to remind me. What a great day!

Tonight I'm posting shots that I took when we brought Riley home from the hospital. We were definitely glad to be home and the dogs were excited to have us back but with a new addition! We really weren't sure how they would react but we weren't that worried either. We have really people friendly pets so we were really just interested to see how everything would shake out. Otis did what he always does and was just so excited to meet Riley he just couldn't stay away, or keep his tongue off of him.

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-169

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-122

Ugh not a huge fan of the direct hit. We didn't encourage this behavior but Otis is pretty quick on the trigger. Kohana's reaction was definitely the most interesting of the two and she acted as if we had just brought HER baby home from the hospital. She immediately took to sniffing him and watching over him. She even growled and bit at Otis when she felt he was getting too close to Riley. To this day she will still sit next to him and watch him sleep and do other "motherly" things. It's really cool and touching to watch.

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-126

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-134

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-159

We were also greeted with some special balloons and gifts when we got home and mix that with family and a great dinner and we really couldn't have planned a better first night home as a new family.

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-142

2010-03-08 - Riley is here!-140

Thanks for stopping by today and if you're interested in seeing a few more shots from Riley's homecoming be sure to click here! Be sure to check in again tomorrow!

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