Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GREAT Grandmother:

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-24

Happy Hump Day! Half way to the weekend folks and we're back for a Wednesday night post. As I said I've got quite a backlog of photos that I have been editing my way through over the last few days and today I'll share a few more with you all. During our first full day home we had a very special guest and Riley got to meet his great grandmother for the first time. I cherish all of the photos of my grandmother meeting and holding me for the first time and I know Riley will cherish all of these photos as well. What a special experience to have so many generations of Darby in one house. It was so nice to be able to share him with my Nanaw and I know they'll see each other often!

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-2

After everyone left the dogs spent a little more time getting used to their new "little brother."

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-10

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-11

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-16

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-20

Finally, when Britt had the camera for a bit she managed to capture one of my all time favorite shots of me and Riley so far. Great catch Britt!

2010-03 - Riley's 1st Week Home-27

What a great day!

Hope to see you all back here tomorrow and like I said a few weeks ago I promise not to overload you with all baby all the time tomorrow's post will be something completely different so be sure to check in!

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