Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain & Thunder:

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-232

Welcome back! Once again I have missed a Monday post and I'm making my Tuesday post right before the buzzer. Time isn't as easy to find these days! Had a great weekend filled with lots of visiting family and fun.

One of the cooler things about living in Lakeland this time of year is the Sun N Fun fly in. It's a full week of planes flying into and landing in Lakeland with special events and air shows all week. You can look up almost any time of the day and get your own personal air show if you are anywhere in Lakeland. I love it. One of the main events of this year's fly in was the USAF Thunderbirds that were to perform on Saturday and Sunday. We headed over to Britt's dad's condo which has an amazing view and you can see most of the show. As showtime got closer and closer the rain also got closer and closer and it finally opened up. We were in the dark for quite a while as to whether they would even perform and then we heard the amazing roar of their engines and rushed outside. I brought along my camera and 300 and went to work. I took a ton of pictures and have yet to finish editing all of them but wanted to share some tonight in a post. I will post some more of my top choices in a post tomorrow along with a link to the full gallery.

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-388

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-22

2010-04-17 - Sun N Fun-208

Even though the weather cooperated for us to get a great show, it definitely wasn't the best for taking pictures with where the sun was and how it was lighting up the sky. Also, I'm sure I could have done a better job as well. Anyway, I'm not putting these off as any type of photographic masterpiece but I did manage to get some decent shots considering the light situation. Can't wait to share some more!

Also, on a different note, as I posted in a twitter and facebook update today while I was editing these shots I realized how much fun I had shooting for myself for the first time in a long time. Sometimes we can lose sight of how much we really enjoy the things we do and why we enjoy them.

Finally, I got a lot of really cool photo news today so stay tuned and I promise to share when I'm able to. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check in again tomorrow for the rest of the photos from the air show. See you then!

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