Tuesday, May 18, 2010

See what happens when I cut out the every day posting thing? I got busy and missed a week. Ugh. Speaking of busy I still haven't had a chance to sift through all of my images from the Players Championship last week. Anyway, I have finally found the time to sort through and edit some of my photos from the first round of the Players Championship. Below are a few of my favorites from Thursday's action:

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-102

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-289

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-293

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-342

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-22

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-77

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-427

2010-05-06 - TPC 1st Round-350

If you'd like to see the rest of the set from Thursday click here!

A little update as to what is going on with me - If you haven't gathered already I had a great trip to Jacksonville. Shooting the tournament is always an unbelievable experience but it was also great to visit with so many family and friends while we were up in Jacksonville and introduce Riley to everyone. I am so lucky that Brittany and Riley joined me on this short trip - especially since it was Britt's first Mother's Day. If it wasn't obvious before, the evidence continues to roll in, she's the best there is.

Work is going well and busy as ever and every day is a new challenge to say the least. When I got back to Lakeland after our trip I found out that I was elected to the Steering Committee for Emerge Lakeland. I am really honored that I was nominated and elected and can't wait to get started! Thanks everyone - big things to come!

Finally what everyone cares about (and probably the only thing in this blog), a Riley update! He's doing great! Every day he grows and changes. He's smiling, laughing and really turning into his own little guy. He's so funny to watch and play with and there is NO better feeling in the world to have him smile at you. Everyone that has been a parent says that it is the best thing and it changes your life but really you can't know until you experience it, and it definitely is. I'm truly blessed!

I've got to get some more (and recent) photos posted soon and promise that I will try! Be sure to check in again soon and if you haven't already sign up to get notified every time I make a post and/or follow me on Twitter! See you soon!


cmd graphics said...

great job, tim!

Tim said...

Thanks Michele!