Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome back! Long time no post! Every time it has been a while I always lead off the post with apologies/excuses/etc, this time I'm just going to talk about doing it and not actually do it. Sorry, it's been a long Monday! ;-)

Everything is going great here! Had an amazing weekend and got to play some golf and spend some time with family and friends. I actually shot a 74 on Sunday morning which as it turns out is one of my lowest rounds ever! Actually made a 3 putt par on the 17th hole (ugh) but still shot 36 on the back 9 which is also a personal best. I have fun playing regardless of how I play but it is definitely more fun to play and play well!

This afternoon I managed to find a little time to jump into Lightroom again and import some photos and play with the new program (which I love). After some exploring I got back to editing and FINALLY finished editing the last of the photos from the final round of this year's Players Championship. I know many of my readers will be very sad that I can't bombard you with golf photos every post but keep your head up, next year's tournament is right around the corner! Here are some of my favorites:

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-19.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-35.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-28.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-53.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-70.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-73.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-100.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-140.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-200.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-220.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-261.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-353.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-374.jpg

2010-05-09 - TPC 4th Round-381.jpg

If I haven't overloaded you already or you're a golf fan be sure to check out the rest of my photos from the Players Championship 4th Round

In other photography news, today I got one of my favorite emails of the year from UF with the subject line: "Football Credentials: Approved" which means I will get to be down on the sidelines for the upcoming football season shooting for the University. I really can't express how much of an honor that is and I can't wait for the season! More to come on that!

Thanks for checking in today and I am very sorry it has been a while since I have updated. I definitely have some plans for some upcoming posts including a Riley update and hopefully a guest blogger or two. Hope to see you back here soon!

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Velvet said...

You WILL have a guest blogger soon! I promise! So sorry I haven't gotten that to you yet. I PROMISE you will have it by Aug 5 (on the road this wk and then my bf is having surgery). Glad to see you posting though!