Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Not sure if anyone (other than me) is reading this on a regular basis or not but just wanted to post an "I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while post and give an idea of whats going on. What's going on you ask?!?!? FINALS thats what. I have been working on my ALWR (advanced legal writing requirement) which is a very long paper that must be on a sports law related issue in order to gain credit for the sports law certificate program. I am ALMOST finished with the paper and I just finished putting together my presentation which I will give tomorrow. The paper is about gender equity and the title is "Gender Equity for Females in Leadership Positions in Sports" - and for those of you wondering - yes more thought went into the paper than the title. :-) The paper analyzes the Acosta/Carpenter Report as well as Title VII and the Equal Pay Act and then proposes a solution to the disparities that are present in female leadership positions in female sports. I may post the paper when it is finished - we will see :-) Other than that I have another paper to write (haven't started) and then 3 finals - one May 6, one May 7, then a final on May 13. Needless to say I am busy from here until May 13 so if I'm not posting, thats why.

This past weekend we went to TWO weddings. The first was in Sarasota on Saturday for my friend who I worked with as a manager at UF - Brian. Had a great time hanging out with some members of the b-ball family and had a lot of fun. The ceremony and reception were great! Here's a shot from the wedding of me, Britt, former Gator and NY Knick David Lee and his girlfriend (I had a hard time handing a drunk guy my D300 but he didn't do too bad of a job considering how tall David is):

Wedding reception

After sleeping off the reception, we got up and headed to Valdosta, GA to attend the reception of one of our friends and Britt's pharmacy school classmate Dimple. Another great reception but the weekend was pretty tiring.

Ok, that is all for now. Just wanted to post an update and hopefully I will be able to sporadically post prior to being done with finals.

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