Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo of the day - Laying Low:

Laying Low

Another great day today but really busy! Had a full day of work and then took a break in the afternoon to do a photo shoot at the Cabot Center in Lakeland which is also known as the Central Florida Autism Center. The staff and interns do an amazing job and I was truly touched to have the opportunity to document their work. I can't say enough how great of an experience that was for me on so many levels! Unfortunately but very understandably for privacy reasons at this point I will not be posting any of the photos from today's shoot but when the work is officially published I will be sure to let you know and hopefully link to it or link to a photo of it.

Today's photo has nothing to do with anything that happened today, but has more to do with what is coming up this weekend. Being a graduate of the University of Florida there really aren't many rivalries or games more heated than the Florida/Georgia game. To be honest because of my duties with the basketball team I had never experienced the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" until I moved to Jacksonville for law school. After my first trip I immediately knew what lal of the fuss was about! Our group of friends has an amazing tailgate setup (warehouse, projectors and tv's, kegs, amazing food etc) and it is sure to be a blast once again. Unfortunately I will not be taking in as much of the festivities (beer) as usual this year at least pre-game since I will be shooting the game but hopefully there will be cause (and beer left) to celebrate post game. Having the amazing opportunity to shoot a game like this is definitely worth putting off the beer consumption (at least pre-game ;-)) In a final partisan note on this game all I can say is GO GATORS!

The above photo was taken during one of my many visits to the Jacksonville Zoo. This guy had been swimming under all of the algae etc and decided to surface pretty close to where we were observing. I did my best to get low and almost on his level in order to get an interesting vantage. Though I prefer to shoot most of my wildlife in the wild, this is one time I was ok with my subject being where he was due to our proximity. As it turns out this is one of my favorite "gator" shots and looks amazing on metallic paper even for a zoo shot :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you back tomorrow for a special not so scary Halloween edition of the Photo of the Day! See you tomorrow!

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