Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photo of the Day - Who's more interested?

Who's more interested?

Sticking with the aquarium theme again today and it just so happens that this was also taken in the Georgia Aquarium on the same day. This area of the aquarium was a massive viewing area that was bigger than a movie theater. Where the screen would have been was just a massive tank. The room was dark and you could sit inside and watch all of the many interactions between the fish (and sometimes the people) in one of the largest tanks I have ever seen.

After enjoying the scene for a while, this extremely large Grouper caught my eye. Although he had a pretty grumpy expression he appeared to be just as interested in watching us as we were watching him. After a few groups had passed it became clear he didn't plan to move so I waited until a group of people came in to look at him and these three framed him perfectly. Once they were in place I was able to get the shot. There is some motion in the silhouettes as well as in the surrounding tank but I think this added motion helps show everything that was going on with both the people and the fish milling around.

Sometimes I wonder and hope that at least animals in captivity get some entertainment out of watching us from the other side of the glass. God knows with some people out there, the animals in captivity would have plenty to be entertained by!

Here is a much better and more creative shot my close friend and fellow photographer took of the same scene titled "Anytime Minutes":

brad grouper

I love going on shoots with him because his photographic eye and creativity is really something special. I've learned so much and had a ton of fun while shooting with him. Be sure to check out Brad's Flickr Photostream. He's an amazing photographer and has some great photos on his page.

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