Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo of the Day - Blur:


Well the photo above pretty much sums up this week - it was a blur! It was busy but we got a lot done and I look forward to building on that productive momentum next week. Went to the LHS football game tonight which was actually the state semi-final for their class but unfortunately Plant was just too much to handle. Still a great season and I had a lot of fun watching a few of the games this season!

The above photo really sums up our Rat Terrier Otis. He's a ball of energy and rarely slows down unless it's time for him to go to bed. I took this shot in the back yard while he was out running around with his "Uncle" Spunky and his sister Kohana. It's definitely not the most technically perfect shot in the world but sometimes those are the ones that speak the most about the subject. The motion and color really make it for me and every time I see it all I can say is "That's our Otis!"

Hopefully the work week went by fast for everyone else and now lets slow things down so we can all enjoy the weekend. I am looking forward to staying home and relaxing and not having any plans for the first weekend in quite some time. It's going to feel weird to not be shooting a football game and/or editing photos. I have had a great season so far but I will enjoy relaxing a bit for a change.

Thank you so much for stopping by all week - I've had some pretty good page hit numbers and definitely hope it keeps up. Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you back here Monday!

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