Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photo of the Day - That's My Boy:


Today was the big day! After our first Dr. appointment which was just a routine check up we had our 4D sonogram. I have been pumped up about it all week! I guess baby Darby didn't really get the memo to be awake and ready to go so he turned out to be a pretty difficult one. He was definitely not very active and actually had his hands (and feet) up over and in front of his face. He was definitely comfortable but not the easiest to photograph. Brittany and I joked that we should schedule this for around midnight since he is definitely WAY more active right before we head to bed. The sonogram technician did an amazing job and was so patient and actually took a little extra time to make sure we got some pics of him. That really meant a lot to both of us and made the experience special. Here are a few others from the sonogram:


4-D_12 (foot)


Some more shots from the 4D sonogram can be viewed here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully you can see what is going on in some of those shots and you can actually decipher what is going on in there. Seeing him was great but it only makes me even more impatient to be able to finally meet him in person! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a 2D Friday photo of the day. :-)

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