Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photo of the Day - Lighting it up:


Sorry this one was a bit late but we headed up to Gainesville for the basketball game which was a bit disappointing but it is still always fun to get to Gainesville for dinner and a game. Hopefully the team can use this holiday break to regroup and find their focus again.

The shot today is a different take on the same delicious tree. This time I incorporated some of the lights from our real Christmas tree into the background to light it up and add a bit more color with no flash.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the Christmas Eve Eve edition of the photo of the day where I will post the first of three shots used for our 2010 Holiday Card. Also, if you really feel like keeping up with me or my photography you should follow me on Twitter: my personal twitter page and of course my photography twitter page. Check it out! See you tomorrow!

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