Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photo of the Day - Mamba:


Well I almost made it on time for a "true" Tuesday photo of the day but just didn't make it home in time. I had the photo all picked and ready to go and was going to make the post this afternoon during lunch but it just didn't happen. I picked the shot partly because of where we were headed tonight - Gainesville for the UF Men's basketball game against the FAMU Rattlers. I don't have a shot of an actual rattler and honestly don't have many shots of snakes at all but this one fit pretty well so I ran with it.

This photo was taken very early in my DSLR photography "career" on one of my first trips to the Jacksonville Zoo. They have a great reptile and snake area which has actually grown even more since we have moved. It was a relatively simple shot of the Green Mamba but the clarity, even through the dirty glass, and yellowish light, really stands out to me and makes it one of my favorites. Every new photog gets lucky every once and a while! Shoot, I still manage to surprise myself every once and a while! :-) Hopefully the Gators and I can make some magic this Saturday in Atlanta!

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to be a bit more timely with the photo of the day for Wednesday!

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