Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Photo of the Day - What a Face!


Another full day of work and as it turns out this is going to be a pretty busy week! Busy is good though in this market! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day because Britt and I (well actually just her and baby boy Darby) have two appointments at the Dr. The first is just a regular check up but the second is going to be one to remember - our 4D sonogram. The above photo is a pic of our last "baby" Kohana's cute face (rest of Ko's set here) and I absolutely cannot wait to see my son's face for the first time in great detail tomorrow. The next best thing will be in March when we finally get to meet in person for the first time!

Thanks for stopping by today. Plenty of photos of him in store for tomorrow so be sure to stop by!

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RowdyReptile said...

Great shot of Ko!