Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Photo of the Day - Thumbs Up:

Tim Thumbs up

Looks like I'm sticking with the theme of staying in front of the camera so far this week for the photo of the day. Honestly I'm still trying to get caught up from this past weekend. Since I spent all day Sunday on the road all of my available time on Sunday to edit was consumed. Tonight, I FINALLY finished editing and uploading all of my shots from this Saturday's SEC Championship game. I'm not completely lazy - I did have some editing and uploading difficulties and mix that with two full days of work it's pretty easy to see how I have managed to get behind. It's tough to stay motivated to sift through and edit thousands of photos from a loss of this magnitude since it is pretty likely that a lot of them will never see the light of day but I understand that and can get through that difficulty by knowing I did my job the best I could.

The above photo which was taken earlier this season by fellow photographer and mentor Tim Casey, is worth a thousand words and truly expresses how I feel about having the opportunity to shoot this football season. I cannot say enough what an amazing opportunity it has been, how much I have learned from the experience and other photographers, and how much I hope to be able to have the chance to do it all over again next year! Thanks to everyone who has made this possible! Even after a loss I can't get the smile off of my face as to what an amazing ride this season has been! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope to be back on track (and not in the picture) tomorrow so be sure to check in and see what is new! Until tomorrow...

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Doug said...

Dude, SWEET! When do we get to see images from the game Sat?