Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day - Along Came A Spider:

2010-01-15 - Camellia-114

A Spiny Backed Orb Weaver to be specific but I'll get to him (or her) in a minute. Man yesterday was a busy but awesome day! It was capped off with us going to the Florida Southern vs. University of Tampa basketball game which Florida Southern won in overtime after being down over 20 points with under 10:00 left to play in the game. WOW. If you appreciate basketball in any way you would have absolutely loved this game! This is always a huge rivalry game so regardless of the records of the teams it is always hard fought and close. Last night was no exception. I couldn't be happier for our guys - they battled and really pulled it off when it mattered most! So proud!

The above photo has, well, nothing to do with that. :-) This is actually one of the last shots I took while touring Mom's Camellias last week. I've always been a bit shaky shooting spiders after a rough experience I had a few years ago when a very large banana spider fell down the back of my shirt while I was shooting another one in front of me. I guess I was too caught up in the moment and bumped his web and down my shirt he went. Fortunately we were both so shocked about the whole experience that no one was bitten or stomped in the experience. Needless to say I pay a little more attention to what is behind me while I'm doing macro work now. I found this little guy and decided to give some more hand held macro photography a shot. If you think hand held macro of flowers is tough give it a shot with a spider no bigger than a dime on a web blowing in the wind. I took way more shots than I published but these four really worked out. This is a Spiny Backed Orb Weaver that managed to get it's web between two of the Camellia bushes. These guys are great pest control and aren't much of a pest so enjoy them! Anyway here are some more shots of the weaver in action:

2010-01-15 - Camellia-119

2010-01-15 - Camellia-113

2010-01-15 - Camellia-110

Thanks so much for stopping by today and hopefully the spiders (or the one of dropping straight down the back of my shirt) didn't creep you out too much and you'll be back here tomorrow! Have a great day!

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shade1012 said...

Awesome find.