Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo of the Day - Riley Ben in 2010:

2010-01-31 - Nursery-2

Well, there you have it. If you didn't know our son's name before this morning, you do now! I held off making an "official" announcement until after the baby shower but since that was this weekend, and he is due exactly one month from today I figured I would make a Monday post out of it! After much consideration and debate over the past few months we arrived at his name - Riley Benjamin Darby - and we love it. Some fun facts:

- There has been a Darby male with the name Ben or Benjamin for the last 5 generations
- We incorporated the other side of my family's name with the first name Riley - initially we picked it only because we liked the name only to find out later that there were 2 Atteberry cousins with the name Riley
- The last letter in his first name "Y" is the same last letter in both of our first names - Brittany & Timothy
- The last letter in his middle name "N" is the same last letter in both of our middle names - Lynn & Benjamin
- The last and most important fact, regardless of his name or the importance to us, we couldn't be more excited and ready to share our love with him.

The baby shower on Saturday was awesome! I had the chance to hang around for a few minutes at the beginning and the end but the rest was a party for the girls. Everything was perfect and Britt had a blast. It was so amazing to see all of the friendship and love and we are SO blessed to have such great friends and family that care so much about us and Riley. There's no way to name everyone that had a part in this without leaving someone out but thanks needs to go out to everyone who had a part as a planner, as a doer, or as a participant this weekend. Thank you so much!

As I mentioned in an earlier post and facebook update, the nursery is 100% complete minus that one essential element. I caught a rough time from some for not posting pics but if you would have read the whole entry I said I'd be posting the shots at a later time ;-) Today is the day! What better day to post the shots of Riley's future bedroom than the day we officially announce his name. Here's a short virtual tour of his room:

2010-01-31 - Nursery-1

2010-01-31 - Nursery-5

2010-01-31 - Nursery-8

2010-01-31 - Nursery-12

2010-01-31 - Nursery-17

2010-01-31 - Nursery-25

2010-01-31 - Nursery-26

If you haven't already had enough of the Darby baby madness click here for a few more shots from his room and the baby shower this weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in at least a little bit of our joy and excitement. Can't believe Riley is due a month from today! Absolutely can't wait! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Tuesday's photo of the day!

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Best Gator mobile. Ever! Riley's got a sweet room already!